Rithma – Party Dreamwork EP

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RITHMA – PARTY DREAMWORK EP – Released: December 2010 – IA1.5

Rithma has been a favorite of label owner Clare Large for YEARS – she’s played his tunes everywhere and loves them, so it was a natural step to ask him to do something for IA and she was SUPER happy when he said YES! :-)

So Intelligent Audio is delighted to welcome on board the multi talented Rithma, for our fifth 8 track double release, aimed at showcasing the versatility of our artists.

He’s rocked our world for years via his releases on labels like Om, Terraform, Fiji and Tweekin amongst others, and it’s a real pleasure to present his latest creations.


Click this big link to find out more about Rithma


Once again the double release provides a platform for our featured artist to demonstrate their full musical spectrum. IA1 comprises 4 top-drawer San Fran groovy house jams, and IA2 delivers with 4 devastating leftfield gems.

Our thoughts on IA1.5:
H Benign – moody, melodic tech house of the finest calibre. Groovy, organic San Fran deepness splashed with disco horns and dubby overtones.

Green, Purple & Blue Frogs – swinging deep house with a monster bassline, delicate gliding pads, lush keys and funky stabs, all morphing into a glorious atmospheric journey into the strange world of multi coloured amphibians.

Mops – an infectious San Fran funky house stomper. Electronic hypno-funk comprising a juicy jazz bassline, solid thumping kick, and tight percussion, sprinkled with cool vocal effects and kinky drum fills.

Psuedo Jazz – kicks off with a tough house groove and an infectious guitar lick that will get the danecfloor rocking, and when the sick bass drops, you’ve got a party on your hands!


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*It’s amazing when you send a release out how many people come out of the woodwork to show their appreciation for the artists and the label putting it out… thank you everyone for all your support :-)

Mark Farina – wonderful modern housey funk!

Brandon Block - Mops- Lovin the Jazz cuts

Murray Richardson, Rebel Waltz - great to hear the rithma house sound again! – top quality!

DJ Linus, Germany - cool stuff

Graeme Park – Bumpin’!

Chris Udoh – As always Great stuff !!

Jay West, Argentina – H-Benign – diggin this one, thanks!

Rob Pearson, Evasive Records – Green Purple & Blue Frogs for me, Benign sounds nice too!

Grant Paterson – Edinburgh Evening News – Nice sound, laid back funky grooves, it’s track 1 – Benign for me. Good package

Hippie Torales – Great tracks. Very catchy and fun.

Li’ll Bo Tweak (Chris Belsey & Trevor Loveys) – Nice groovers…

Charles Webster – pseudo jazz best one 4 me

Harold Heath – quality! like this, frogs is the top track, very usable, looking forward to playing this one out.

Orde Meikle, SlamCOOL HOUSE

Noah Pred - Some nice quirky vibes here!

nigel hayes, Twilight Recordings, uk – all great tacks, but Mops is the winner for me…loving the funky bassline and party vibe…

Gavin Hardkiss – something here for everyone if you’re from another planet like us … love it!

Phat Phil Cooper, NuNorthern Soul, UK – With this you are spoiling us!!! I love MOPS, defo pick of the bunch… followed by Psuedo Jazz… Thanks again

Roger Sanchez - downloading, thanks

Ken Fan, Fabrik Madrid,Around the world in 80 raves, moneypennys, chuff chuff, pacha, Ibiza – great production and well utilized samples

Dubble D / Moodymanc – super frrrrrrresh!!!!!!! love it! ta x

The Littlemen, Smokescreen Sound System / mobile trax, UK – house with real flavour, all trax sound ace

Tyler Stadius, Dinamo FM/Proton – Been a fan for years & these keep it so. Good tracks.

Nick Holder - Quality Rithma! Thanks for sending!

Tony Humphries - Nice tracks! Will play “Pseudo Jazz”.

Aubrey, Solid Groove, Spain/UK – All tracks killer… Psuedo Jazz is getting me at the moment..:) Great sound and production… thanks Aubrey

Jon Delerious, Nordic Trax, Canada - Very eclectic textures in these tracks. My Fav is Psuedo Jazz – nice vibes all through out whole EP though!

Russell Holborough, Cuban Brothers – nice ep all round

Nico De Ceglia, The End + various/ Radio 1 / London – Nice EP

Giom, Lost My Dog, UK - Rithma makes house music really interesting and original, I love it! Full support from me here.

Joan Ribas, Ibiza Global Radio, Spain – superb as usual, great

Bruno From Ibiza – nice house jazzy, funky & groovy

Bobi, Club FM, Macedonia - A really funky deep stuff, All tracks are great but my favourites are Benign, Green, Purple &
Blue Frogs and Psuedo Jazz. Thanks

Steve Arnell, MyHouse-YourHouse - Great Tracks, Psuedo Jazz is brilliant.

Rick Preston – Hot damn!!!!!! All four of these are tasty nuggets!

Robert Owens - Pseudo Jazz – great vibe

Al Bradley, 3am Recordings/Chemical Warfare/Bugged Out, UK – Rithma always provides quality & these cuts are no exception; of the four it’s the wonderfully titled “Green, Purple & Blue Frogs” which gets me moving most, lovely keys flowing atop a tough deep house groove, outstanding.

Dave Allison, Kinjo Music, Canada – I love mops, wish I had got this in time for the Hallloween gig! really cool spooky quirky stuff going on here.

B.Original, Pin Up Recordings, USA – Absolutely love Rithma, this ep is no different then the others. Straight fire. Right to the
front of the serato crate.

Al Velilla, Om Records/Modern Electrics, USA – Excellent release by my primo. You can smell his peculiar production all over the place. Very original indeed!!

Troydon, Phonoshuffle – solid

Don Tinsley, East St Louis Players / Left Hand Man, USA - Etienne does it again!Tthis man never quits impressin, stressin his lesson, & keeping muthafukas guessin. 5 Stars

lil mark - great selection

Tom Lown, Lost My Dog / Warmth / Sudup, UK – What a treat! Green, Purple & Blue Frogs is a bouncy slice of deep/tech. Thanks :)

Giano, Italiano Recordings, USA - Rithma FTW on this whole EP! I will play ALL of these :) Thanks!!

Marc Lacasse, Jackhouse/101.5 UMFM/republic nightclub, Canada – 1 love the deep percussion and wispy moody sounds floating in the background 2 a bit of a twist of party techouse sounds, not sure where i can drop this but i’ll def try 3 super funky quirky tune, the ghetto breakdown is sick 4 sweet soulful and laid back groove, kinda lo fi which is perfect for chilled nights/radio

Mark Picchiotti, MARK! Productions/Blueplate Global, United States – great tunes. perfect for my lounge sets, many holiday parties will be enjoying these.

Matt Prehn (Bang Bang), South Africa – Nice to see Rithma back in action!! Fan of this whole ep but Mops is killing it for me!! Gonna be testing some of these on Saturday night :)

Joey Silvero, Distant People, UK – kool blend of jazz and house here, like the jackin vibe on green purple & blue frogs! also like that title !!!

Ryan Stubbs, Duserock, SF – Great to hear a new outing from Rithma. Lovin the bass on Pseudo Jazz

DK Watts, House Controller, DI.FM, USA – No favorite…like them all!

Greg Fenton, Tilllate / Update, UK – love this, feels original…

J.A.M.O.N. – This is a proper ep, Im feel’n all 4 cuts. Rithma exudes soul & delivers that signature sound!

Richie-J, Point Blank FM, London, UK – Really feeling the 1st two tracks will be showcasing on Londons pointblank.fm many thanks!!!

Jason Hodges – this is a dope ep, fresh to death!

Tommy Largo – Great tunes! Pseudo Jazz is my favourite after the first listen.

Chuck Daniels, Sampled Recordings, U.S. – Unique E.P. something a bit different! Nice!

Simon – DeepSouthAudio, New Zealand – Always been a fan of Ritma intelligent intuitive rhythms .. All the tunes will be supported in my radio sets in the coming months .. smooth funked up beats ..All over Psuedo Jazz .. love It .. Thanks

Jevne Miller, Onethirty Recordings / SS Radio, USA – stellar release! awesome instrumentation!

Konstantin, Proton Radio (USA), Club FM (Macedonia), Ibizasonica (Ibiza), Pulse Radio (Australia), Kiss FM (Ukraine) - Love it ! Full support !

Jose Maria Ramon, Ibiza Global Radio – lots of time without Rithma Notices ;) this is wonderful music respect and full support from Ibiza Global Radio

Nacho Marco, Loudeast / Sonar, Spain – Soooo groooovy !!!

Ruslan, Immersion, Garage FM, Russia - Absolutely quality release. Full support!

Lucas Hulan, Nightphunk Recordings / Roxy Prague, Czech Republic – LOVE GREEN, PURPLE AND BLUE FROGS..BUT ALL TRACKS ARE GOOD! NICE EP

Thomas Tuft, Juice FM / Cream / 3 Beat Records, UK – Love Rithma and love this release diggin green etc frogs,. All the other tracks but that stands out

Andy Riley, Inland Knights / Toka Project, UK - hard to pick a fav …benign is probably the one i would play out but mops is probably my fav cut on the ep…nice

Jota Wagner, Vegas Club / Colors Party / discothequeradio, Brazil - there´s no wrong way when comes from Rithma

Advokkat, Groove Is In The House, France - Pseudo Jazz is very good and original with this guitar part…fat bass and groovy I love it. Other are good too. I ll play them of course…

Sista Stroke, Chicago House FM and Da Beatminerz Radio, UK – Very nice EP from Rithma! Loving the deeper jazzy undertones.

Stefan Popovic, Disco Tone Radio Show, WTC House Radio, Montenegro - Essential release! I love Rithma’s works since beginning and this one just strengthened that love. Beautiful, deep, funky and yet soulful sounds. For the heads – intelligent music indeed!!

Roland Nights / Danny Stott, UK - Green, Purple & Blue Frogs is great, full support.

Martijn, Deep Edition Recordings / Save Room, UK – Love this!! all good Pseudo Jazz pips it!

CheckPoint, My Cuppa T, USA – Oh wow… Rithma on IA?!?! What an awesome combination. The EP doesn’t disappoint either. Rithma on outstanding form with trademark smooth and lush percussion, beautiful and varied instrumentation and delicate but brilliant keys and a bass line that’ll get anyone grooving. The pads on Green, Purple & Blue Frogs take me right back to Rithma nearly a decade ago, with an updated punch and vocal that adds amazing new dimensions. It’s great to have the man back… on better form than ever. Full support for the release – another absolute gem from Intelligent Audio. Thanks, CheckPoint

Marcelo Medeiros, Discotheque Radio, Brazil - Five Stars. Totaly Supported.

Ingo Haan, BOP Fm 105.4, New Zealand – Beautiful, Stunning from the start. Definite winner. Full support. Can’t wait to play this out.

Benjamin McCourt / Brown, Unpopular Music, UK – Can’t get enough of Psuedo Jazz – excellent combination of sounds and killer bassline action. Thanks for sending.

Tom Special Interest, Smokescreen/Phobic Recordings, uk - loving this!

Norbert Borchers, House Sound Of Hamburg, Germany - Alle tracks are interesting! A fine collection of groovy instrumental house!

Mr Hun, Jackumentory, Chicago House FM, UK – holly mazzy motha of house goodness! This is truely heavy weight…. Benign is going to be a big MASSIVE poolside hit at miami! Psuedo Jazz is my personal fav…. a serious wow, beautiful…. Solid production from Rithma all round!

David Gee, Topradio (Rotationz) / Zen FM, Belgium - Psuedo Jazz is great!

Lorenzo, 7th District / Ibiza Global Radio, Austria – perfect set of production we like… full support !

Sound Diggers, UK – HA I wanted to put 5 stars just based on the first track i listened to but the rest of the tracks back this up even more so !Blue frogs is filth n fat ! Love .. . Freaking sexy house , suport from the diggers camp! Thanks

Gaz James, The Flippant Rhythm House Show – SSRadioUK - nice deep & bumpy vibes!

Tom Special Interest, Phobic Recordings - Benign is an awesome track, full support.

Raymundo Rodriguez, Jaded, UK - Digging Benign and Green, Purple & Blue Frogs.

Joshua Heath, balance @ king king, los angeles, USA – some really cool vibes on this release, love love the spooky jazz on mops :-)

Derek Dunbar - Excellent unique EP. THanks for sharing.

Owain Kimber, ADSR Music - Nice future funkin – Pseudo Jazz is my
pick here.

Vinni Da Vinci, YFM/ BEATS RADIO – Pure heat right here…

Brazilian Soul Crew - This EP is amazin. All tracks are pure feelings and groove. I will play.

Deron Delgado, Stompy - Sweeeeet! Great all around!

Hector Moralez, Minority Music – nice & dope.

Lee Jarvis, Moochin / Various / My Cuppa T – Rithma’s music is always so quirky and funky – I love it! Will definitely play a few of these in clubs and radio gigs. Thanks, Lee J.

Justin Harris, musicforfreaks - Nice EP – will be playing mostly Benign and Green, Purple and Blue frogs..

Christos Kedras, Beat Philosophy radio, USA – HOT!!!!!! Feeling the whole EP, great stuff, will get some love from me.

Blacksoul Music, Croatia - mega talent is back!

Da Sunlounge, Myna Music / Bambino Recordings, UK - Always been a big fan of Rithma. Pseudo Jazz is interesting!

philE, Deep House Cat Show, USA – Very nice!

Phil Turnipseed, DJ Times, USA – Green, Purple & Blue Frogs – a robust house vibe

Darran Nugent AKA Aruba, Elevation//Elevation Limited/Proton Radio, Ireland – Nice funky tunes.

Victor de la Serna, DJ Mag, Spain – So good to see Rithma Back in action. All the tracks here are real stompers. Benign is a clear fave. (Money Shot on DJ MAG ES JAN EDITION)

Tres Manos, Your Only Friend / Red Underground, Barcelona, Spain – Once again, Rithma pulls some insanity out of his bag of tricks!! “Mops” is some craziness that is sure to rock the floors!

Tobias Koch, Nightflight, Radio Fritz / TFE Records, Germany – funny shit! good work!




Green, Purple and Blue Frogs




Psuedo Jazz


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