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Hi everyone, we are working really hard updating our website so this page is to let you all know about all of the great new feedback we just added to the Rithma – Haven’t Haven’t Ep page – if you’ve not already listened to this hugely diverse and really interesting, and wonderful release….


Click here to listen to the Haven’t Haven’t EP By Rithma, his eclectic IA2 release for Intelligent Audio!


chillout broken beat downtempo rithma havent havent ep intelligent audioIntelligent Audio is delighted to welcome on board the multi talented Rithma, for our fifth 8 track double release, aimed at showcasing the versatility of our artists.

He’s rocked our world for years via his releases on labels like Om, Terraform, Fiji and Tweekin amongst others, and it’s a real pleasure to present his latest creations.

Once again the double release provides a platform for our featured artist to demonstrate their full musical spectrum. IA1 comprises 4 top-drawer San Fran groovy house jams, and IA2 delivers with 4 devastating leftfield gems

Hocus Pocus – a brooding off beat stew of trippy strings and quirky effects locked down with a deep dubby bassline and a tough hip hop groove.

For Bunja – an energy fuelled disco flavoured gem encompassing a badass breakbeat, beautifully phased stabs and drenched in warm strings; another perfect inclusion in the IA2 philosophy.

Haven’t Haven’t – Melancholic ambient soundscapes underpinned with a tough broken beat, dark moods and demonic bass, with haunted keys and eerie effects.

K Shine, Trailer Step – with just a hint of bluegrass, raw percussion and a bass line to rip your head off this totally refreshing track is what IA2 is all about. Enjoy…

If you want to license any Intelligent Audio tracks for ANY reason – and also if you would like to pre order this on vinyl, please contact us.


Please click here to listen to the deep tech house side of this double release by Rithma…

the Party Dreamwork EP -Deep House, Tech House, Deep Funky House…



Hippie Torales - Diggin the straight up funk of Hocus Pocus

Joshua Iz – I love Rithma. That is all.

Justin Harris, musicforfreaks - Nice one Rithma :)

Jay West, Argentina – this is good stuff!!

Giom, Lost My Dog, UK – Loving these! Full support

Marc Scully, Omegaman – Nice tunes, slick beats: will play ‘em for sure

Joshua Heath, balance @ king king, los angeles – wicked stuff! 5/5 for originality!

Nigel Hayes, Twilight Recordings – 4 totally leftfield compositions, unusual,innovative and really funky funky fresh!! loving this E.P, good job Rithma!!!

Grant Paterson, Edinburgh Evening News, Scotland - Very eclectic funky selection, some very nice chilled stuff too. Cool package

George Cochrane, Prismatic Tracks , US – Nicely blunted, crisp, and fun. K Shine will make it into my downtempo sets for sure.

Jesus Gonsev, Troubled Kids Records, Spain – Solid ep! Play it for sure

Giano, Italiano Recordings, USA – Another HUGE EP from a GREAT Producer! Loving the whole EP! Thanks!

Manuel Sahagun, Candy Music, Argentina - beautiful!

Dave Allison, Kinjo Music, Canada – Hocus Pocus has me head boppin’. will be jamming this one, thanks for the tunes

Dave Miller, Illegal Cargo Records, Australia – Straight out of the gate it’s Fantastic. I like the use of the distorted guitar samples in ‘Hocus Pocus’…eclectic sound design coupled with dubby, trip hop beats = niceness!

Jevne Miller, Onethirty Recordings / SS Radio, USA – This release is just DOPE! Killer!

Peckos/Sven Van Coillie, Belgium - Aha, new work from rithma, still loving their ‘just before dawn’ track! Hocus Pocus and Haven’t haven’t are perfect for my lounge sets, interesting percussion being used here as well! K Shine is my favourite of the bunch, great laid back vibe! Thanks guys, nice EP!

Dubble D / Moodymanc – Great sounding, original music!!!!

Orde Meikle, Slam – funky grooves – playing


** Please check out the HUGE AMOUNT OF POSITIVE feedback on the main page here **



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