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Hi everyone – the Intelligent Audio website is now pretty much completely up to date!! Well nearly anyway! This page is to list ALL of the wicked feedback that we got from the Forces of Nature album – Journeys In Time And Space.

We’ve been getting a fair few radio plays too – so thank you for all the support! :-) If you’ve not yet heard the album please listen below and then you can scroll and browse the feedback while you are listening!

The album is a mix of deep house, chillout, nu jazz, lounge, broken beat and spacey phat deep grooves – what Forces of Nature are all about!! Please spread the word if you like what you hear and buy the music if you can to support our artists… :-)



Feedback :

Dave Mothersole – some nice tracks here – thanks.

Chris Udoh – Wow really deep, Love this !!

Hippie Torales – Nice album. Great grooves.

Phil Asher -  I LOVE iT

Daniel Poli – As you would expect from IA… quality release!

Elmar Schubert – Very good Sunday afternoon listening, well balanced and extremely well produced.

Ed Brazilian Soul Crew – Great tracks here. Amazin vibes and grooves. Love it. My full support.

DJ Mag Spain – Great work!

Ed Aldridge – Reminds me of 4Hero and the best of the LTJ Bukem Earth series.  I love this sort of music, it is proof to me against all the doubters of the musicality of electronic music.

DJ mag spain javimar – cool album

Gavin Hardkiss – thanks for the promo +++

Andy Ward Soulheaven – this is beautiful. not my main preference of style but will support for sure !

Arturo Garces – Great release. Stasis & Graces are my picks here. Thanks!

Lazer FM Chicago – Solid and wonderful collection with something for every single mood and feeling.. I just love it and will give full support!

Terry Grant - Loving Hive Mind. Thanks!

Thomas Tuft Juice FM – some great work here feeling most of the tracks here!

Tom Lown, Lost My Dog, UK – Wow – great selection of tracks. Really like the super chilled Advent but I reckon Stasis is a fave here :) Thanks

Tom Conrad – Beautiful intelligent sound. Really refreshing to hear an album like this and it’s quite hard to pick a favourite. On first listen ‘Hive Mind’, ‘The Prophet’ and ‘Air Of Da Dawg’ are standing out for me..

Tom Churchill, Headspace – Beautiful tracks!

Tony D’Onghia – Gorgeous release! i really like the balance between classic electronica and more contemporary dancefloor s sensibility… and E3QU Wow! it s an hell of a groove

Tyler Stadius – Excellent album. Lush, atmospheric and vibey. Thank you.

Vince Watson – What a wonderful album…it actually gets better the longer it goes on..Advent, Sushi, Hive Mind  are my favourites…. great great stuff

Lee Jarvis, My Cuppa T- Timeless is a beautiful opener, and the whole album is wonderfully smooth. Will definitely use

Dubble d /moodymanc – classy deep production as ever from forces of nature!

Michael Fossati Spirit of House Switzerland – An ingenious slice of electronic dance music made for eternity

Motion FM – Journeys in Time and Space, the electronic sound of today. Big support by Motion FM.

Nick Hogendoorn – Good tracks! My pick is Borg Mentality.

Nigel Hayes  – 10/10 I love this album….from start to finish

Nikola Baytala - 10 / 10 forces of nature brings the most unique vibe and quality for this release on intelligent audio thank you

Nu Jazz Funk Radio Rob Brown – Great songs.  Sweet nu-Jazz vibe.

Aubrey Saei – Great package of underground music with thought and feeling.  Cant say which is my fav at the moment.  Full support 100% great LP  thanks

Adam Collins – The whole thing is great. What an awesome listen. Inspired me to have a dinner party tonight. Come on over :)

DJ Linus, Germany – will use for my warm up sets… thanx.

Al Bradley – Some absolutely class joints here; from a personal DJ perspective Air Of Da Dawg, Ion Storm & Borg Mentality will probably get the most rotation, but pretty much everything on here could be played by me, depending on what set I am doing. Just a glorious collection!

Alison Marks – enjoying alot, need to listen to all tracks before picking favourite though , will get back to u when I know.. thanks for sending x

Andreas Hermanson – A lovely and diverse album, excellent work! Most tracks are super nice. /andreas inkfish

Andrew Riley Inland Knights /Toka Project – for me advent is the highlight….very nice, all in all interesting release

Brendon Collins – Very nice album here, thanks for sending

Chill Cast – Digging the classic atmo d&b sounds and the overall chilled vibe. Pretty dang smooth!

Chris Colak – Very nice tracks. Will play and promote.

Chris Moore Bio Sounds MHYH – This is wicked, really impressed.  I think Air of Da Dawg is my favourite but I’m sure there’s a place for all of them!

Christos Kedras Beat Philosophy Radio Show – Nice work, Air of Da Dawg is my top choice. Also feeling Stasis and Borg Mentality.

Dave Allison – timeless is my favorite here,  also liking advent very well produced LP, can definitely here the roots of production coming from  the cooking and earth label’s vibes back in the day. real solid atmospheric synths too..

Deep in Radio – Great Work! Deep for the soul.. Full support on the DIR rotation. Regards

Discoteca – Been following these guys for a while, Sushi is my pick here.

DJ Nova, Greece – Lost in the magic. High recommended sound experience, really beautiful and seductive long player. The limits borders between house and jazz, especially between deep house and nu jazz is not excist here, ‘’Suchi’’ as example is starting its journey as deep house from the early ninities with jazz influences that melted together with a beautiful atmosfear and ending like dreamy nu jazz like this one that we all miss, like ‘’Timeless’’ is opening the long player and ‘’Advent’’ offering few tracks later. ‘’Hive Mind’’ got a gentle funky jazz hidden in its veins and a hilarious live instrumentation, ‘’Stasis’’ meets broken beat, an etherial ambienteque jazz aspect of it. Tech edges excist everywhere, pumping ‘’Air Of Da Dawg’’ is softly touching them, ’E3QU Wow!’’ seems that is trying to escape from Detroit… The album is rolling really perfect and finishing with night lover ‘’Borg Mentality’’ and closing with the epic ten minutes long ‘’The Prophet’’, a perfect soundtrack for next N.A.S.A’s mission. Do you need a digital soundtrack for an imaginert film? I think you got it!

DJ Elroy house blog – Amazing album! Love the diversity of sounds; all chill, some deeper, more more techy, 4/4 and broken… they are all great!

DK Watts – LPs are always a nice listening journeys and this is no exception. Cool release.

Doc Link – Wow! Very solid collection of tunes! Thanks

dustin kinney the house hook up – Very relaxing listen!  I really like the combination of soothing soundscapes with grittier beats on Air of Da Dawg.  Standout tracks: 6eq, Sushi, Stasis.

Erik Lowbit,Proton Radio – Some very cool stuff here! I like the style and diversion!

Evren Ulusoy – Really cool stuffs here! Thanks.

Feodor allright – Hi, Clare! Thank you for the promo. I like a few of the tracks here. These are Advent and The Prophet.10/10

Freefall Radio KUSF – nice mix of styles

Gareth Whitehead – some really nice sounds here!!

DJ Gee, Bora Bora Ibiza/Brazil – wow there’s enough of the good stuff here :) Thank you very much  Gee

Grant Paterson scotsman, edinburgh evening news – Very nice sounds, really diggin’ the whole album

Greg Watton – love the mood of the whole album

Hardmix Discotheque Radio – Finest compilation. I love the variety of tracks.

Henderick Mitchell – There are at least 4 tracks that I honestly see myself supporting. Solid release.

Ian Straker Kahua – Very nice, great to see this coming out!

Ibiza Sonica Radio – great release. loving it all. full support on Ibiza Sonica.

Jason Beat Chef Canada – great listening tunes, roadtrip worthy!

Jesus Gonsev – Very good Album,my fav is sushi!!!Very elegant!

Joan Ribas – high quality sound, superb

Justin Berman, Sud Up, UK – what a great release, it’s hard to pick a favourite, I’m feeling all of them! will definitely support these on the radio show :)

Kimesh Desai Chicago House FM – really excently produced release here. Nice deep sound with alot of live elements and different styles. Top release!

konstantin lyubimov deepology – Great tracks here! Full support in Moscow

Kosmas Epsilon – Some really cool tunes in here, from the calm ones to the more detroit-influenced. will give a better listen, thanks :)

Lori Ward, Flavorite – what a great release! so much good stuff on here..nice one!!

Louis Hughes - A very nice collection of music.  Have a feeling I will be listening to this for a while as well as playing some on the show and out and about.  Air of Da Dawg, and Hive Mind grabbed me on first listen but think I need to listen to them all properly. Nice release, cheers.

Lucas Hulan – absolutely nice! full support

Manuel Sahagun – Another brilliant work from Forces of Nature. This album is a tripping experience. 9/10

Mark Brumbelow – best thing I have received in my promo box in a long while! this is just my style! hard to pick a favorite on first listen! will support it all!

Mark Ellison Headtunes – Great collection of chillout and downtempo beats!  Hard to pick a favorite of these bunch….may have to put another downtempo mix together….

Mark Lowry – Great to see Forces of nature back, loved their early stuff and love this…..!

Marq Walsh QuestionmarQ Vision collective – Now this is what an album should sound like. Love it ,hard to pick one track

Matthew Prehn – Very nice after hours listening here. Also suits my cold climatic setting very well. Cheers!

Merlyn Martin - Lovely pack! I look forward to delving into a deep listen of this as a whole.. Thank You!!

Overdrive Underground - Lovely work!! Solid collection.

Paulo Malde – Nice Album!!

Pete Farmer – Great Selection of tracks to suit the mood! Supported and will playlist up

Phil Eclectic Jazz Radio – A classy cosmic trip into electric-exotica, beautifully crafted for a pleasurable journey.

Pinky Tip Top Music – Looking forward to repeated listens of this long player from Forces Of Nature who have already piqued my interest with earlier releases on Intelligent Audio. Lend yer ears to these worthwhile vibrations…

Rich Jones Point Blank – Timeless my pick of the bunch here! closely followed by Stasis….strong release from Forces of nature

Richard Earnshaw, Spiritchaser – Great stuff

Rob Pearson Evasive – Nice mix of varied tracks and a very cool listening album. Look forward to having a proper in depth listen and getting to know the tracks.

Rob Small – Overall a wicked album. Great listening for different contexts. ‘Air Of Da Dawg’ is the one that stands out the most to me Superb! I look forward to hearing more from this label.  Rob Small – Artform/Monique Musique

Scott Harrington – Really nice collection of sounds, thanks

Sean DJ Seven SF, USA – Yes, feeling the cosmic funk vibe and rhythm.  Complex and heady stuff here.

Sean Mcclellan – Really stunning music for every mood and every time of the night! Thanks for sending!

Sezer Uysal – Really some great tunes here ! will try some of them, good album. thanks

Simon G, DeepSouth Radio, New Zealand – Excellent collection of beats looking forward to getting in the mix

Slang (vsevolod datsko) – Beautiful soulful sounds. Especially in the second half of the album. Stasis is gorgeous! Also liking Borg Mentality and Hive Mind. All these will go in my collection for sure + will consider some one of the tracks for my February chart. Thanks for the promo!

Solunamanalia, Japan – 10 / 10 Awesome work!!! all of them are really great! full support!

Spencer Deepshizzol, MHYH Radio UK – WOW!! Do i really have to choose one favourite!? Great E.P Gotta be Borg Mentality for me although I will be supporting at least 4-5 of of this wicked!!

Stefan Anion, Proton Radio – really beautiful tunes here. especially liking timeless, advent and prophet.

Stephen Soulfinder – I like Sushi, it reminds of the Hooj Choons and the stuff Medway would release on it. Nice Album over all.

Vincent Kwok – Some great chillout vibes!  My favourite is Timeless

WSLR FM DJ Magnus – Very nice package of different styles of music presented here. Liked both Air of Da Dawg and Borg Mentality the tracks the best here.

WSLR Normen Schindowski – Great music all around! The Prophet is my fav mix, right next to Timeless, with its sweets groove and underlying funky sounds. Not to forget Sushi, yummy beats and instrumentation. Love all the flow or melodies and rhythms. Thanks for putting it out and keep more coming.



Click here to check out Journeys In Time And Space by Forces Of Nature!


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