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PHEW!! Just updating the website and so this page is to tell you the Rithma – Party Dreamwork page is updated – DAMN we got SO MUCH great feedback from that one… in fact the double Rithma release is our best selling to date, so if you are reading this and you’ve not heard it yet…

Click here to listen to the Party Dreamwork EP By Rithma, his deep tech house release for Intelligent Audio!


rithma deep tech house deep house tech house party dreamwork ep intelligent audioIntelligent Audio is delighted to welcome on board the multi talented Rithma, for our fifth 8 track double release, aimed at showcasing the versatility of our artists.

He’s rocked our world for years via his releases on labels like Om, Terraform, Fiji and Tweekin amongst others, and it’s a real pleasure to present his latest creations.

Once again the double release provides a platform for our featured artist to demonstrate their full musical spectrum. IA1 comprises 4 top-drawer San Fran groovy house jams, and IA2 delivers with 4 devastating leftfield gems.

Our thoughts on IA1.5:

H Benign – moody, melodic tech house of the finest calibre. Groovy, organic San Fran deepness splashed with disco horns and dubby overtones.

Green, Purple & Blue Frogs – swinging deep house with a monster bassline, delicate gliding pads, lush keys and funky stabs, all morphing into a glorious atmospheric journey into the strange world of multi coloured amphibians.

Mops – an infectious San Fran funky house stomper. Electronic hypno-funk comprising a juicy jazz bassline, solid thumping kick, and tight percussion, sprinkled with cool vocal effects and kinky drum fills.

Psuedo Jazz – kicks off with a tough house groove and an infectious guitar lick that will get the danecfloor rocking, and when the sick bass drops, you’ve got a party on your hands!

If you want to license any Intelligent Audio tracks for ANY reason – and also if you would like to pre order this on vinyl, please contact us.


Please click here to listen to the eclectic side of this double release by Rithma…

the Haven’t Haven’t EP -Downtempo, Broken Beat, Chillout : just good music!



Mark Farina – wonderful modern housey funk!

Brandon Block - Mops- Lovin the Jazz cuts

Murray Richardson, Rebel Waltz - great to hear the rithma house sound again! – top quality!

DJ Linus, Germany - cool stuff

Graeme Park – Bumpin’!

Chris Udoh – As always Great stuff !!

Jay West, Argentina – H-Benign – diggin this one, thanks!

Rob Pearson, Evasive Records – Green Purple & Blue Frogs for me, Benign sounds nice too!

Grant Paterson – Edinburgh Evening News – Nice sound, laid back funky grooves, it’s track 1 – Benign for me. Good package

Hippie Torales – Great tracks. Very catchy and fun.

Li’ll Bo Tweak (Chris Belsey & Trevor Loveys) – Nice groovers…

Charles Webster – pseudo jazz best one 4 me

Harold Heath – quality! like this, frogs is the top track, very usable, looking forward to playing this one out.

Orde Meikle, SlamCOOL HOUSE

Noah Pred - Some nice quirky vibes here!

nigel hayes, Twilight Recordings, uk – all great tacks, but Mops is the winner for me…loving the funky bassline and party vibe…

Gavin Hardkiss – something here for everyone if you’re from another planet like us … love it!

Phat Phil Cooper, NuNorthern Soul, UK – With this you are spoiling us!!! I love MOPS, defo pick of the bunch… followed by Psuedo Jazz… Thanks again

Roger Sanchez - downloading, thanks

Ken Fan, Fabrik Madrid,Around the world in 80 raves, moneypennys, chuff chuff, pacha, Ibiza – great production and well utilized samples

Dubble D / Moodymanc – super frrrrrrresh!!!!!!! love it! ta x

The Littlemen, Smokescreen Sound System / mobile trax, UK – house with real flavour, all trax sound ace

Tyler Stadius, Dinamo FM/Proton – Been a fan for years & these keep it so. Good tracks.

Nick Holder - Quality Rithma! Thanks for sending!

Tony Humphries - Nice tracks! Will play “Pseudo Jazz”.

Aubrey, Solid Groove, Spain/UK – All tracks killer… Psuedo Jazz is getting me at the moment..:) Great sound and production… thanks Aubrey

Jon Delerious, Nordic Trax, Canada - Very eclectic textures in these tracks. My Fav is Psuedo Jazz – nice vibes all through out whole EP though!


** Please check out the HUGE AMOUNT OF POSITIVE feedback on the main page here **



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