Forces of Nature

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forces of nature nu jazz chillout loungeHaving emerged in the mid-nineties, Forces Of Nature (Tony Reeves and Chalke Lom) were part of the exciting new wave of artists that emerged as electronic music began to work its way into the mainstream.

Spotted and signed by Clean Up Records, home of the Sneaker Pimps, the band went on to record two albums and several singles for the label, remixing artists such as The Shamen and being remixed themselves by the likes of Big Bud and PFM.

During this time they were DJing extensively around the south coast of England and were considered one of the major influences on the local drum and bass scene. They had a weekly slot and were deeply influential in helping NRG FM, the areas biggest underground radio station, attain their permanent license.

They have always been very prolific producers, and 3 releases on LTJ Bukem’s Earth and Cookin’Records were to follow, along with releases on their own Tundra label.

Collaborations also followed: Chalke with the loop-digging MC Mr. Morestyles and the deep-house groovehead K-Fish, whilst Tony embarked on an ambitious live electronic album with the band Prism.

It would have been difficult to form a team out of more unlikely collaborators, but each respected and inspired the other at a level that many, even sometimes themselves, found difficult to understand.

Fortunately their cosmic voyage of discovery left a trail of subtle yet intensely personal music in its wake; subtleties easily lost on the casual listener.

But for those with the time to pause and reflect, to take a few moments to sink into the deep chords and absorb the simple melodies, those subtleties can create a peaceful resonance: a chance to revel in the sheer joy of music made just for the hell of it, made to encapsulate a moment or a feeling, or made to just have an excuse to go into the studio in the early hours of the morning.

2009 saw the FoN incorporating K-Fish into the lineup, they started releasing tunes with Intelligent Audio, and the FoN deep space probe continues into unexplored sectors of the quadrant. This is what the Forces of Nature is all about…


Releases By Forces of Nature on Intelligent Audio:


Journeys In Time And Space – Released March 19th 2012 : IA7



Forces EP – Released Dec 2009 : IA1.2



Nature EP – Released Dec 2009 : IA2.2



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