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Hey everyone – just updating the IA website here – we got a LOT of awesome feedback from the Forces of Nature album that just came out in Mid March this year – 2012… so *some * of it is below, and the rest is on the main Forces of Nature – Journeys In Time And Space page…

And yes, it’s a lot of feedback – thank you all for giving it to us… the least we can do is to share it with you! I hope you care enough about supporting good independent electronic music to check them out, read some of the feedback and have a listen! :-) And more importantly, BUY the music if you like it – and spread the word to like minded people :-) Thank you all for your continued support :-)


Click here to listen to the Journeys In Time And Space album By Forces of Nature, their 2nd studio album and our first EVER album released on Intelligent Audio!


deep house nu jazz lounge chillout broken beat forces of nature journeys in time and space intelligent audioForces of Nature are back on Intelligent Audio with a full length album, it’s been a long time coming and worth the wait!

Forces Of Nature emerged in the mid-nineties and have always been very prolific producers, releasing on LTJ Bukem’s Earth and Cookin’ labels, and Clean Up Records (home of the Sneaker Pimps), remixing The Shamen and being remixed themselves by the likes of Big Bud and PFM. They have worked on many collaborations, and have their own label Tundra Records, as well as their work for Intelligent Audio.

‘Journeys In Time and Space’ is quite simply a divine excursion into the philosophy of the label, delivering a musical message of intricate beauty, emotional melodies, deep techy basslines and razor sharp production.

11 tracks bound together in a mature musicality that only comes with years of experience and an infinite talent at the core.

This album will appeal to lovers of all genres of the underground, with an ear for what touches the soul, from the funky laidback groove of the opening track ‘Timeless’ to deep house grooves like Air of Da Dawg and 6equj5 wow and the epic spacey soundtrack of the closing salvo ‘The Prophet’, it’s a cosmic journey from start to finish.

A long time in the making, this LP will be a firm favourite among serious music heads the world over who will appreciate the love and attention to detail that has been carefully crafted into this classic audio sculpture.

Let the music do the talking.

If you want to license any Intelligent Audio tracks for ANY reason – and also if you would like to pre order this on vinyl, please contact us.


Click this big link to find out more about Forces Of Nature



Dave Mothersole – some nice tracks here – thanks.

Chris Udoh – Wow really deep, Love this !!

Hippie Torales – Nice album. Great grooves.

Phil Asher -  I LOVE iT

Daniel Poli – As you would expect from IA… quality release!

Elmar Schubert – Very good Sunday afternoon listening, well balanced and extremely well produced.

Ed Brazilian Soul Crew – Great tracks here. Amazin vibes and grooves. Love it. My full support.

DJ Mag Spain – Great work!

Ed Aldridge – Reminds me of 4Hero and the best of the LTJ Bukem Earth series.  I love this sort of music, it is proof to me against all the doubters of the musicality of electronic music.

DJ mag spain javimar – cool album

Gavin Hardkiss – thanks for the promo +++

Andy Ward Soulheaven – this is beautiful. not my main preference of style but will support for sure !

Arturo Garces – Great release. Stasis & Graces are my picks here. Thanks!

Lazer FM Chicago – Solid and wonderful collection with something for every single mood and feeling.. I just love it and will give full support!

Terry Grant - Loving Hive Mind. Thanks!

Thomas Tuft Juice FM – some great work here feeling most of the tracks here!

Tom Lown, Lost My Dog, UK – Wow – great selection of tracks. Really like the super chilled Advent but I reckon Stasis is a fave here :) Thanks

Tom Conrad – Beautiful intelligent sound. Really refreshing to hear an album like this and it’s quite hard to pick a favourite. On first listen ‘Hive Mind’, ‘The Prophet’ and ‘Air Of Da Dawg’ are standing out for me..

Tom Churchill, Headspace – Beautiful tracks!

Tony D’Onghia – Gorgeous release! i really like the balance between classic electronica and more contemporary dancefloor s sensibility… and E3QU Wow! it s an hell of a groove

Tyler Stadius – Excellent album. Lush, atmospheric and vibey. Thank you.

Vince Watson – What a wonderful album…it actually gets better the longer it goes on..Advent, Sushi, Hive Mind  are my favourites…. great great stuff

Lee Jarvis, My Cuppa T- Timeless is a beautiful opener, and the whole album is wonderfully smooth. Will definitely use

Dubble d /moodymanc – classy deep production as ever from forces of nature!

Michael Fossati Spirit of House Switzerland – An ingenious slice of electronic dance music made for eternity

Motion FM – Journeys in Time and Space, the electronic sound of today. Big support by Motion FM.

Nick Hogendoorn – Good tracks! My pick is Borg Mentality.

Nigel Hayes  – 10/10 I love this album….from start to finish

Nikola Baytala - 10 / 10 forces of nature brings the most unique vibe and quality for this release on intelligent audio thank you

Nu Jazz Funk Radio Rob Brown – Great songs.  Sweet nu-Jazz vibe.


** Please check out the HUGE AMOUNT OF POSITIVE feedback on the main page here **



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