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nigel hayes, house music artists, chill out music, deep house mixes


Nigel Hayes has been making music for over 20 years, and has released over 70 records so far. His collaborations with people like Funk D’Void as Chaser, and his own material on Sunshine, where he used mostly live musicians and his own programming and arranging skills, have been SUPER well received and popular the world over. Nigel has also DJd all over the world for 20+ years too, at all kinds of parties.

We are honoured to have him here at Intelligent Audio; he’s found a fantastic new home too! He can fully showcase his productions, ranging from deep and tech house, to n-jazz, broken beat, afrobeat, chill out, and much more. Watch out for a possible new album in 2012….


rithma, etienne stehlin, house music artists


Rithma is a really well established producer and artist from San Francisco. He has released TONS of records, on the infamous OM Records out of SF, Tweekin… and loads more. It was a natural step to ask him to become part of IA, since we’ve been playing his tunes for YEARS worldwide and rocking them!!

We are honoured to have him on Intelligent Audio, and his music is a perfect fit for our 2 sides – the deep and tech house, and the chill out, broken beat, nujazz and more eclectic side.


trademark, anthony reeves, mark angus, house music artists


Trademark are the most amazing, prolific, talented, versatile, awesome producers we’ve met, other than Forces of Nature!! They’ve been producing music for over 15 years, drawing from live jazz, funk, detroit, all sorts…

When we found them, they had a back catalogue of about 40 amazing tracks, that we just had to snap up – and they keep making brilliant new stuff, ranging from deep tech house to live jazzy broken beat… they are a perfect fit for Intelligent Audio and honestly, part of the reason we set up when we did… so please check them out and share their music..

… and watch out for some new music from Trademark in 2012…


forces of nature, house music artists, chill out music


We first heard the Forces of Nature on the south coast, Bournemouth, UK, playing deep and smooth drum and bass on the radio around 1995… they have been producing music for at least as long as this, ranging from chill out music, to deep and tech house, to drum and bass, dark techno…

Again, we found them with a HUGE back catalogue of stuff, even after releasing on Earth by LTJ Bukem…

Again, these guys are one of the main reasons we set up Intelligent Audio when we did… we just released their second studio album…it’s wicked… check em out… :-)


clare large, deep house mixes, house music artists


Clare Large owns and runs Intelligent Audio. She set it up after DJing all over the world for about 10 years.

She plays all kinds of music from banging techno, to loads of deep and tech house, to chill out music, afrobeat, lounge, funk, nu-jazz, broken beat and more… so the label just releases music that she likes, and would play.

Clare has been working with Nigel Hayes on some of her own productions, which should be out sometime in mid-late 2012.


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